Buy Animal Feed Online (link)

You can now order food from our online store at Hills directly to your home or to the office. At the moment you can receive a discount of € 8 with a purchase over € 30 with the following code: Tierarztonline8

To register with Hills use our office code (Praxis-Code): lr01317

Haircuts for dogs and cats(link)

From now on we offer professional haircuts for dogs and cats. Ms. Katarzyma Ruttkoska has years of experience in shearing and trimming Schnauzers and other breeds.
For the preparation to an exhibition a preliminary appointment or discussion is advisable.

Ms. Katarzyma
Tel.: +49-176-64633013
Festnetz: +49-6371-9999717

We wish our customers all the best for the new year 2019!

After 20 years of practice in Landstuhl, the time has come to look back and look ahead.
In recent years, we have expanded the practice in Landstuhl both structurally and technically. We have four treatment rooms, two operating rooms, our own full-laboratory, endoscopes, ultrasound and X-ray, modern telephone system and much more. All rooms are air conditioned. Even the big animal station is equipped with air conditioning. The electricity comes from the solar system on the roof.

In 2018, we built a fully operational practice in Kaiserslautern. The new practice is modern and has a CT device. A modern laboratory of the company Idexx was also installed.

Stay up to date with us.

Happy New Year 2019!