About us

We are international oriented clinics that are located in the South West of Germany few Our Logo for our facilitiesmiles from the Ramstein Air Base, in three different locations. Our main location is in Landstuhl in the industrial section, our second location is in a quiet area near down town Kaiserslautern. Our third new location is brand new. Our qualified team has many technicians, groomer (also for cats), five veterinarians, frontdesk and office team as well as practice manager.


Our patients are small animals, such as:

dogs – cats – ferrets – birds – turtles – rabbits – guinea pigs hamsters and other rodents and exotic animals



The new office in Kaiserslautern

The New Office in Kaiserslautern in Fressnapf XXL


Being an internationally oriented clinic we trust you will appreciate the benefits of interacting in your native tongue, whether English, German, French, Greek, Russian or even Hebrew. Our patients can’t read nor write. Therefore, we hope that their owner will enjoy the new source of reliable information. Please check our information page.



Cat Scan Machine (CT) in our practice in Kaiserslautern

We have moved the CT machine to the new facility in Kaiserslautern and we are able to do any CT diagnostic needed. Our CT machine was designed for pets and is a useful non invasive diagnostic tool for your pet. You are more than welcome to visit our CT machine and get your impressions yourself from this wonderful diagnostic possibility.



You can download the referral sheet directly to your computer, fill it up and send it to us to our mail account goldberg@landstuhlvet.de or fax it over to 0631-36194801 for an appointment: CT-Referral


A letter to us from a pet owner that warmth our hearts !

Hello Dr. Goldberg,

Around 2002 you preformed an operation on my British short haired cat named Alice. She had gotten in to my house plants and consumed some small rocks that obstructed her tummy. We opted to operate and that saved her. I wanted to send you a tremendous thank you. All these years latter Alice is alive and well and been a wonderful companion to me. She has enjoyed Germany, a trip to Massachusetts for a Christmas, and has lived in Texas and in Florida. even now as I type you this message she in the room watching me. I am so pleased that your practice is still going on. I wish you continued success!!!!
In closing I just wanted to say thank you. By saving Alice you have brightened my life as well. best wishes to you and yours

Very Respectfully

Name kept with us !

Alice British Sort Hair


We offer full service veterinary care. General small animal veterinary clinic (also rodents

Owner with patient

Owner Dr. Y. Goldberg with a patient and Nemo

and exotic animals) includes out- and inpatient clinic, yearly exams and immunizations. Medical and surgical services include routine elective surgery (spays, neuters, prophylactic dentistry), general surgery, x-ray and ultrasound diagnostics in a digital quality, and isoflurane anesthesia. The location in Kaiserslautern works together with the Landstuhl location to provide all services mentioned above and more. We offer the same quality of services as Landstuhl with more convinient for customers live in Kaiserslautern.
We work with specialized veterinary hospitals like Hofheim, Bretzenheim, Faculty of Giessen and others to provide the best care your pet will need.

Euthanasia at home:
When the moment comes it is always very difficult to “do the right thing”. That is why we would like to be at your side when it is needed. As before we will provide for your pet the euthanasia at homen if you wish that and we will help you also in questions like cremation or any other difficulties after that. This service is not always needed to be done at home but as a vet and a pet owner myself I can see the need for that in some cases. When the moment comes don’t hesitate to ask us…


Dogs and cats can be washed and trimmed in our facility.
Since July 2014 we do have a new seperate cattery for our patients.




For the puppies and young dogs we offer dog training, for that we work together with the dog school in Mackenbach, for more details go to ‘Information’.



New physiotherapy methods are now offered in the facility in Landstuhl (Hydrotherapy, laser therapy,  magnet field therapy and accupuncture)

In our practice in Landstuhl we can offer the Hydrotherapy (Underwater treadmill) as part of the physiotherapy or as wellness for your pet after injueries (HD, knees, Back), surgeries or as a supportive treatment for older pets. Mrs. Julia Klemens, our head technician, will help you with all questions about this opportunity. You will be surprised what is possible to achieve with the Hydrotherapy treatment !!!

With Mrs. Nicole Brunnett from the frontdesk we are able to offer further more laser and magnet field therapy for small and large animals as well. Appointment can be scheduelled for laser and magnet field therapy through our frontdesk (for the small animalls in our facility)